3 Reasons Why Ice Cream Makes A Great Addition To Your Convenience Store’s Inventory

If you're looking for a way to boost your convenience store's revenue, ice cream is a good bet. When you add any new product to your store, you're taking the risk that you'll end up with unsold inventory. Adding ice cream to your store helps you minimize this risk, as it will last a long time in the freezer and is a popular impulse buy.

Selling ice cream to your customers also gives your store a way to differentiate itself from the competition, as selling ice cream and frozen novelty products that are hard to find at other stores will encourage repeat business from repeat customers who are specifically looking for these products. To learn three reasons why ice cream will make a great addition to your convenience store's inventory, read on.

1. Doesn't Spoil Quickly

One of the biggest challenges in managing a convenience store is making sure inventory turnover is consistent. Unsold items expiring on your shelves reduce your profit. Since it's kept frozen, ice cream lasts for a very long time compared to more perishable items like baked goods, eggs, and milk. As a result, there's less concern about inventory loss due to spoilage.

2. Results in Additional Revenue Through Impulse Purchasing

Ice cream is a popular impulse-buy item, especially during the summer when customers are looking for a convenient treat that will help cool them down. Kids love ice cream as well. Placing your ice cream freezer near the entrance to your store can result in a significant number of impulse purchases. Some of the customers who come to your store looking for other items will be drawn to purchase the refreshing-looking ice cream when it's the first thing they see when they enter your store. Providing customers will small plastic spoons and offering inexpensive, small-sized containers of ice cream will help drive more impulse buys, and those small impulse purchases can add up to significant revenue over the course of a year.

3. Provides Opportunities for a Niche Product

If you purchase your ice cream from a small, local ice cream retail supplier, you may be able to enter a niche market. Some of these small brands can be difficult to find in grocery stores. Customers may only be able to find them at ice cream trucks and stand-alone carts, and neither of these options are very convenient. Adding a niche item to your convenience store can drive a considerable amount of business into your store, as customers who are seeking the niche ice cream brand will visit your convenience store preferentially.

Overall, ice cream's shelf life and ability to drive impulse buying make it an excellent addition to any convenience store. It's also typically easy to start selling it, as many ice cream retail suppliers will provide you with a freezer that you can use to store it. If your store isn't currently including ice cream as part of its inventory, call an ice cream retail supplier in your area and ask how you can start providing ice cream to your customers.