The Hot Thing: Why Tea From The Himalayas Is Gaining Steam

Most people are either tea drinkers or coffee drinkers. A few are in both camps, while the remainder drinks neither. Yet, Himalayan teas are gaining steam in the tea market, so much so, in fact, that coffee drinkers are being converted. So, what is it about Himalayan tea that has everyone running hot for it? Here is why people are full steam ahead for these teas:

Totally Organic

When you want to buy Darjeeling Himalayan tea or any kind of Himalayan tea, you are buying a completely organic tea. These teas are grown in the Asian mountain range, free of pesticides and grown quite naturally. With the exception of planting tea trees in rows and then letting them grow wild until harvest, not much else is this organic. Those striving to find a purer, cleaner beverage for breakfast like all-organic teas, and the ones from the Himalayans fit the bill perfectly.

No Processing Beyond Drying and Cutting

Many of the herbal teas and tea bags you buy at the grocery store have been heavily processed. They have been chopped, minced, ground, and they even have preservatives added to them. If you are not drinking tea fast enough, even the teas with preservatives will not taste the same on the last day as they did on the first. Himalayan teas, on the other hand, are picked, dried, and cut just enough to steam easily in the teapot. No preservatives, no added chemicals; just pure, fresh, mountain-grown tea in every box.

All Teas are Naturally Flavored

Some of the flavored Himalayan teas are flavored, but the flavorings are all-natural. The flavorings are taken from dried orange, lemon, or lime citrus peel, grated cinnamon or cardamom, fresh nutmeg, etc.. If you are not sure what flavors you like in your tea, you can start with lemon, since it seems to be the most popular fruit flavor for tea, and then try a little orange with nutmeg. 

You Can Customize Your Own Brew

Once you develop a taste for different teas, you can ask the tea company that sells Himalayan tea to custom-make a tea for you. Often, they are willing to help you create the best tea by harmonizing all of the teas you know you like to create the perfect blend. For beginners, you can request a recommendation for a first-time tea drinker, and the company should be able to find one you like.

Contact a company like Tea Composer for more information and assistance.