What Are Some Of The Common Things That Citric Acid Is Used For?

When looking at ingredients lists for some of your favorite foods, you might have noticed citric acid listed as an ingredient. However, you might have never used it when making food and beverages yourself. If this is the case, you might be curious about what citric acid is used for. These are some of the most common things that this ingredient is used for.

It Adds Great Flavor

First of all, you should know that citric acid has a rather sour, citric-like taste, similar to what you might expect from a lemon or lime. As you can probably imagine, it's great for adding flavor to many different foods. For example, if you like to make sour candy or fruity candy, you might find that citric acid will add just the touch of flavor that you're looking for.

However, you should know that citric acid is not just used in sour things. If just a small amount is used, it can add a little extra "zing" to dishes. For example, some people like to add a small amount of citric acid to savory dishes to add an acidic component, similar to how they might add a splash of vinegar to a savory recipe. It also adds a nice, tart touch to sweet jellies and drinks.

It's Good for Preserving

When making food, you might want to do what you can to preserve it. Citric acid is commonly used to help preserve pantry items and shelf-stable foods, so it's commonly used in the food production industry. However, you can use it at home if you are doing your own canning or if you otherwise want your foods to last for as long as possible.

It's a Good Stabilizer

Lastly, you should know that citric acid is commonly used as a stabilizer. For example, in some cases, companies that make certain condiments — such as ketchup or barbecue sauce — use citric acid to help their condiments and sauces maintain the consistency that they want them to have. Citric acid is often used along with or instead of pectin to help thicken and stabilize jellies and jams, and it's used for stabilizing sodas and other carbonated drinks and preventing cloudiness in these drinks. If you are having trouble getting the consistency or stabilization that you're hoping for with the food products that you're making, citric acid might be the secret to success.

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