How An Over-The-Top Break Room Can Boost Employee Morale

The employee break room is often a gathering spot in the mornings and throughout the day. While it could be just a utilitarian space that an office coffee machine provider stocks with a lone coffee machine, it could also be a way to show your team that they are appreciated every single day. Here's how you and the coffee machine provider in your town can create an over-the-top break room.

Coffee Machine

First things first, you need a great coffee machine. The type of coffee machine will depend on the number of employees in your office and how much coffee they drink. You'll also want to take into account the types of coffee that your employees like. Do they prefer drip coffee or espresso? If you're not sure, ask around or talk to your office coffee machine provider to see what options they have.


Instead of the middle-of-the-road roast, consider having multiple options of coffee available for your team. Coffee roasts and flavors are as varied as your team and offering a variety of choices lets them know that they are appreciated. Be sure to include everything from a deep, dark French roast to a yummy hazelnut. For fun, you can even add seasonal flavors, like the omnipresent fall favorite, pumpkin spice. Don't forget decaf options for your caffeine-avoidant staff.


Tea drinkers often feel a little neglected in a coffee-centric world. Be sure the office coffee machine provider in your area includes an instant hot water tap for your loyal tea drinkers. This makes it easy to get a warm cup of tea without having to use the break room microwave to heat the water.

Additionally, a basket overflowing with tea choices is a great way to be inclusive and welcoming to the tea lovers in your group.


This is where you can really shine. Sure, powdered cream gets the job done, but the real stuff shows you care. Be sure to have a selection of flavored creamers, half-and-half, and nondairy options, like soy, almond, and oat milks. Nothing brightens a coffee drinker's morning more than a good splash of flavored creamer in their hot cup of joe.


Keep everything in pretty baskets and glass jars. Be sure to include stirrers, upgraded coffee cups, and cardboard sleeves. You can even start a collection of flavored coffee syrups. Your office coffee machine provider may be able to supply you with many of these items.

Show your team that you appreciate them every morning with a coffee break that rivals any coffee shop.  

For more information, contact a local coffee machine supplier, such as The Essential Bean