Step Outside The Box With These Barbecue Rub Recipes

Are you tired of trying barbecue rub after barbecue rub, only to have them all taste about the same? They're a little sweet, a little spicy, and delicious — but so similar to one another. If you're looking for some more unique flavors, then consider stepping outside the box and mixing up one of these more unique barbecue rub recipes. Lemon Pepper & Smoke Rub Lemon pepper is not often thought of as a barbecue seasoning, but add a little smoky flavor to it, and you get a pretty lovely rub. Read More 

3 Things to Know About Juice Concentrate Supplier

Juice concentrate suppliers will frequently have many products available. Some types of juice concentrate are harder to find than others. When customers research certain suppliers, they might actually learn about some juice products for the first time.  1. Juice Concentrate Services Will Frequently Have Both Popular and Less Familiar Juice Concentrate Products Almost all of these organizations will supply grape, orange, and apple juice concentrate. However, it should be just as easy for customers to find mango, pear, watermelon, blueberry, pomegranate, lemon, pineapple, red fruit, strawberry, cantaloupe, raspberry, grapefruit, honeydew melon, passion fruit, and peach juice concentrate. Read More 

Mexican Chorizo Recipe Ideas

Known for its savory, spicy flavor, chorizo is a type of pork sausage used in many Mexican-inspired dishes. Although it's delicious when eaten by itself, you can incorporate the sausage into a wide range of recipes, and even substitute it for another type of meat as well. Featuring a blend of coarsely chopped pork, fat, and spices such as smoked paprika and chili pepper, chorizo can be eaten sliced, on a bun, fried, or grilled, among many other ways. Read More 

The Hot Thing: Why Tea From The Himalayas Is Gaining Steam

Most people are either tea drinkers or coffee drinkers. A few are in both camps, while the remainder drinks neither. Yet, Himalayan teas are gaining steam in the tea market, so much so, in fact, that coffee drinkers are being converted. So, what is it about Himalayan tea that has everyone running hot for it? Here is why people are full steam ahead for these teas: Totally Organic When you want to buy Darjeeling Himalayan tea or any kind of Himalayan tea, you are buying a completely organic tea. Read More 

Smoked Ham: Why Traditional Methods Are Best

Smoked ham is a versatile and delicious product that is easy to enjoy any time of the year. Many families choose ham as their main dish for Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving because nothing makes a holiday meal more amazing than an old-fashioned smoked ham. The process of smoking adds flavor and acts as a preservative for the meat. Meat that has been smoked is safe to eat cold, but warming it increases the intensity of the flavors. Read More